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Nola Containers LLC is one of America’s leading distributors of shipping containers for sale. Selling and delivering a wide range of new and used Conex box, Intermodal and ISO containers all across America. With a customer base that includes federal and state government departments, local councils, mining, utility and construction companies, as well as the general public, you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a shipping container from Port, you’re getting a guarantee of quality.

Nola Containers LLC rent new and used shipping containers to government departments, large corporations, small businesses and the general public. With container rental prices starting at less than most people spend on their daily Espresso Frappuchino at Starbucks, there has never been a better time to rent a new or used 20′ or 40′ shipping container! With fast delivery to all 50 states, Port can transport your rented shipping container right to your door. Often in as little as 24 hours.


Welcome to Nola Containers LLC (“Port”), America’s favorite supplier of shipping containers for sale and rent. If you’re looking for a shipping container, conex box, intermodal container or ISO container at a great price, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been selling and renting new and used shipping containers for nearly a decade, and our experience, knowledge and buying power means we can always get you the right shipping container for your needs at the very best price. Whether you want to use your container for shipping cargo or for long or short term storage, we have a range of 20 foot and 40 foot containers that will suit your needs perfectly.

Containers Sold to Big Business, Small Business and  to the General Public

Port have sold thousands of shipping containers to a wide range of customers right across America, including government departments, mining conglomerates, construction companies and utility companies. We’ve also sold containers to big businesses and small businesses, as well as to the general public. Our new containers are exceptionally well made, and all our used containers are completely serviced and checked before dispatch to make sure they’re fit-for-purpose. Which means you can buy a shipping container with complete confidence.

Fast, Efficient Container Delivery – Right Across America

At Nola Containers we offer fast and efficient container delivery throughout America, and pride ourselves on making sure your container is delivered and placed exactly where and how you want it. There are many ways your container can be delivered of course, and naturally a lot depends on the delivery destination itself. But the most common delivery methods are via a flatbed truck, a tilt tray or a side loader.

Buying or Renting Nola Containers Has Never Been Easier

Buying or renting a shipping container is not something most people have to do every day; so it’s only natural to ask a bunch of questions on how it all works. From working out which container is best for your needs, to getting it delivered and sited, can all sound a little overwhelming at first. After all, this is a giant steel box we’re talking about here, not a book from Amazon! But fear not, our experienced customer service representatives are on hand to help, and will cheerfully answer all your questions. Because buying or renting a shipping container is blissfully easy when you have Nola Containers looking after everything for you.


Nola Containers have a wide range of new and used general purpose and specialized containers suitable for shipping goods by rail, truck or ship, in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Built to ISO standards with solid Corten marine grade weathering steel, they’re strong, secure, wind-proof, watertight, and incredibly durable. You can choose from standard containershigh cube containersside loading containersopen top containersflat rack containersrefrigerated containers and insulated containers. Should you be looking to ship containers internationally, and require a CSC certificate, Port can of course sort this out for you too.

Storage Containers

Though originally used for shipping goods by sea (hence their name), shipping containers have gained a new lease of life as super secure long and short term storage units. The same features that make them so good for shipping (strength, security and transportability) are excellent for storage as well. The containers most commonly used for storage are the general purpose, high cube, side loading and insulated containers.

Portable Storage Container & Crate

Whether you need long or short-term storage, a shipping container really is the perfect storage solution. Why pack up the car or truck with all your boxes and drive to an expensive storage facility that’s hard to access, when you can store all your goods right there at home in a shipping container! From furniture, household goods, DIY projects, craft goods, office files, radiators and air-conditioners, sports equipment, cars, bikes, jet skis, dune buggies and more. It can all be stored securely in a 20′ or 40′ container.

If you have a farm or ranch, and were thinking of getting another shed or enclosure building, consider a shipping container or two instead. They’re perfect for storing parts, machinery, tools, chemicals and feed. And – unlike a shed – they are completely portable.

Which Size Conex Box Do You Need?

The most helpful piece of advice to have before you purchase a Conex Box is to work out how much space you’ll actually need to fit all your stuff in. This sounds like common sense, right? But to paraphrase Voltaire, ‘The trouble with common sense, is that not many people have it’!

A standard Conex Box is 20 ft or 40 ft long. There are other sizes available, such as the 10 ft box. But 10 ft boxes are often cut down from larger containers and so tend to be a bit more pricey due to the labor involved in their construction.

Which is a great segue into the all-important question about:

Construction of Your Conex Box

The actual construction of your Conex Box is super important. Is the Conex Box you’re looking to buy or rent made from corrosion-resistant, Corten steel? If it isn’t, then walk away. Corten steel is made for outdoor conditions and is incredibly strong. And – due to its chemical composition – Corten steel exhibits increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels, due to the steel forming a protective layer on its surface when impacted by the weather. (Think of it as the shipping container equivalent of a force field!

Delivering Your Conex Box

Don’t get caught out paying for your container to be delivered, only to realise all too late, that the truck can’t get down to the area you want it to. So make sure you chat with Port’s friendly customer service team ahead of time if you’re at all unsure about the truck making it to where you need the Conex Box to be sited.

Want to rent or buy a shipping or storage container? Need to ship goods or store your precious belongings? Need a container (or ten!) to build a magnificent shipping container home? We’re here to help. At Nola Containers we’ve sold and rented thousands of shipping containers to customers all over America. We offer friendly professional help with all your storage, shipping and shipping container needs.


Check out our wide range of shipping containers available for sale below:

Standard Containers

These general purpose cargo containers are the most common containers used for shipping cargo and goods. They are also popular for everyday storage and for shipping container modification projects. They are available in twenty foot and forty foot sizes, in a range of colors.

High Cube Containers

A high cube container is similar to a standard container, but is an extra foot taller. This provides more storage space, and is perfect for shipping taller items. The extra height makes high cube containers a popular choice for shipping container homes and modification projects. And is available in twenty foot and forty foot sizes. More information can be found on the High Cube Containers page.

Side Opening Containers

Along with standard double doors, a side opening shipping container has two side doors which open as well. This makes for fast and efficient loading, especially if your goods are loaded by forklift. This is also a popular storage choice and is available in twenty foot and forty foot sizes. More information is available on the Side Opening Containers page.

Refrigerated Containers

If you’re shipping or storing perishable goods, a refrigerated container is a must. All our refrigerated units are pre-tripped for 24-48 hours to the degrees required by you prior to arriving at your site. This ensures that the containers are 100% operational and ready for your refrigerated purposes. More information is available on the Refrigerated Containers page.

Insulated Containers

Some goods don’t require refrigeration, but they do need to maintain a steady temperature. An insulated container will hold your cargo or stored goods at the perfect temperature required. More information is available on the Insulated Containers page.

Flat Rack Containers

Large or unwieldy items that won’t fit into a standard container can still be shipped easily and efficiently. A flat rack container is perfect for big and awkward items like machinery, boats, logs, and construction goods. More information is available on the Flat Rack Containers page.

Open Top Containers

When your cargo requires top-loading, an open top container is the way to go. Once your goods are loaded, a heavy-duty tarpaulin is then secured over the top, making the container just as secure, water-tight and wind-proof as a standard container. More information is available on the Open Top Containers page.


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