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  • Gosh side opening storage containers are handy! Sure, they have all the same features that a standard container does, including a wooden floor, double doors in the end wall, and several anchor points on the inside. But the difference with side opening containers lies with two extra doors built into the side of the container which give easy access for loading and unloading goods (especially by fork lift).

    At Nola Containers  we have a great range of brand new side opening shipping containers for sale. Used containers are available too, but these are a very popular container and sell out quickly.

    Easy Access, Great for Loading and Unloading

    Side opening containers are particularly beneficial when the container is being loaded by a forklift, as it can drive right in and place and stack the goods. It also makes loading and unloading easier, because you have better access to the goods. Despite best loading practices, there will always be occasions where goods that have been packed into the back of the container are the ones that needed to be accessed before the goods at the front! With a side opening container, you don’t have to remove a whole container load of goods to get to a particular section.

    Excellent For Container Storage

    Similarly, side opening containers are a perfect choice for storing your goods – particularly if you want to access or sort through them regularly. Murphy’s Law will always ensure that the particular item you want is behind a whole load of other things that you have to move out of the way first. A side opening container can help in a big way there. You will need to take into consideration the extra space that the open doors of a side opening container requires, but if space is not a deal-breaker, a side opening container is definitely a recommended storage option.

    Great for Nola Containers Conversions

    Side opening containers are also a great choice for container conversions as well. The side doors can be removed completely (if required) and replaced with sliding glass, making a fantastic exhibition container perfect for trade shows and fairs. Shipping container offices, sheds and homes are also popular conversions made with a side opening container. At Nola Containers , we can give advice as to the best container for your project, but a good architect or shipping container conversion specialist will make the process a lot easier for you.

    Fast, Efficient Delivery, America-Wide

    At Nola Containers we offer fast, efficient delivery all over the country, to government, business, industry and the general public as well. We’ll need to ask a few questions about your site and site-access, but once we’ve ticked those boxes we can organize the best transport option to get your shipping container out to you ASAP. So if you need a container in a hurry, we’re the only call you’ll ever have to make.

    Buy a Side Opening Nola Containers

    If you’d like to order a side opening shipping container, fill out the quote form or give us a call on 1888 307 2420  and talk to our skilled and knowledgeable operations team. They’ll be able to sort out the best container for your needs.

    20 Foot Side Opening Nola Containers for Sale

    The 20 foot side opening shipping container is similar to a 20 foot general purpose container. However as we’ve mentioned, the side of the container has been modified to create two side opening doors in addition to the two regular double doors at the end of the container. This allows extra access for wider goods than would normally fit in the double end doors, along with much easier access for loading of ordinary goods when a forklift is being used.

    At Nola Containers , we have a wide range of new 20 foot side opening containers that are ideal for your work-site, storage or shipping needs. Used and second-hand side opening containers are available as well, but these specialized containers are, as mentioned, always in high-demand.

    Side opening shipping containers are very useful for the mining, manufacturing and construction industries, where easy access to heavy items is required, or where equipment is regularly loaded and unloaded. Easily transported, incredibly strong and robust and boasting great security, a side opening shipping container is the perfect addition to a busy work-site.

    Side Opening Makes Shipping Goods Easier

    The main benefit of a side opening container is, as mentioned, the ease with which containers can be loaded and unloaded. Traditional containers require filling from the back to the front, and must be unloaded from the front to the back. What goes in first comes out last and vice versa. With a side opening shipping container, the goods do not necessarily have to be unloaded in the way they were loaded. The wider access makes the forklift driver’s job a lot easier and quicker too.

    Makes Your Storage Easy

    As long as you have sufficient room where the container is sited to open the side doors, the easier access of a 20 foot side opening shipping container is a real benefit when storing your goods. Even if a box or item you want is stacked at the back, you won’t have to unpack the whole container to get to it. And given time is money, this’ll mean much quicker packing and unpacking of your goods.

    Great for Nola Containers Projects

    Our 20 foot side opening containers are popular with those planning a shipping container modification project as well. One or both doors can be removed and replaced with glass to create a light and spacious creative indoor area. Side opening containers have been successfully converted into offices, sheds, accommodation, trade show booths, food trucks and more.

    GROSS WEIGHT 52,910 lbs 24,000kg
    TARE WEIGHT 7,495 lbs 3,250kg
    CAPACITY 1,095 ft³ 1,236 ft³
    INTERNAL LENGTH 19’ 4” 19’ 4”
    INTERNAL WIDTH 7’ 6” 7’ 6”
    INTERNAL HEIGHT 7’ 6” 8’ 6” m
    EXTERNAL HEIGHT 8’ 6” 9’ 6”
    WIDTH 18’ 8” 19’ 2”
    HEIGHT 7’ 1” 8’ 2”

    Order Your 20 Foot Side Opening Container Now

    At Nola Containers , we have a range of new and used 20 foot side opening shipping containers available at the very best price. Whether you want your container for shipping, storage or conversion, there’s a great side opening container to suit you. Remember, we can arrange delivery anywhere in America. To order your side opening shipping container, simply give us a call on 1888 307 2420. Or fill out the easy to use quote form, and we can send you a price guide.