There are many reasons why you may need to hire a shipping container rather than buying one. If you’re renovating your house, a container is a great way to remove all the furniture and furnishings from each room as it’s being done. And if you’re moving house, decluttering is always easier when you have somewhere to store the clutter while you sort it.

Or maybe you’re going travelling for a year or two and renting out your house? If so, you don’t have to get rid of all your goods or store them in an expensive storage facility. A long-term rental on a shipping container is all you need, and we can provide it for you quickly and easily.

We Arrange Everything for You

At Nola Containers we hire to the general public and to business and industrial sectors like construction, mining, rail, utility and shipping. Hiring a shipping container is a quick, efficient and cost-effective alternative to buying, especially if you only need a container for a short time. Another benefit is that the delivery, removal and maintenance are all taken care of by us. Our container rentals are serviced and cleaned before dispatch so that your goods are kept in the best condition possible.

What Can You Store in a Nola Containers?

A better question to ask would be what can’t you store in a shipping container! Because you can store just about anything in a shipping container. Examples include office equipment and office files; furniture and furnishings; the contents of your garage so you can actually park your car in it again; the actual car could be stored in it, so you can use the garage as a workshop; craft or project items can be stored; seasonal goods like radiators, air-conditioning units, ski gear and camping gear; the kids’ stuff that they won’t take with them when they leave home but won’t let you throw away; jet skis, quad bikes and boats; garden equipment; farm or ranch goods…whatever needs protecting or storing out of the way is perfect to store in a shipping container.

What Size Nola Containers Will You Need?

Estimating the size container you need for all your storage can be tricky, but we can help out there. Our friendly customer service staff can help answer any questions that you may have about how much a shipping container will fit. With all your stuff, you might think you need a 40 foot size, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how much a 20 foot size shipping container fits, if loaded correctly. Simply give us a call on 1888 307 2420 or use the quote form and we can help you understand everything you need to know about storing your goods in a shipping container.

Short Term and Long Term Rentals Available

How long do you need to rent your shipping container for? Let us know and we can sort if all out for you. Six months, a year, a decade? It’s up to you. Of course, if you want a container for an extended time, you may be better off buying; but for short to medium term solutions, hiring or renting a container is a great option. But if you decide you want to buy a shipping container, we can certainly help out with that too, as we sell thousands of containers every month.

Delivery Direct to You

Delivery of your shipping container is easy. You may think a 20 foot or 40 foot heavy steel container is difficult to transport, but it’s not. Remember, shipping containers are built on the premise that they can be transferred from warehouse to truck to ship or rail very easily. Delivery does vary depending on the type of shipping container you are hiring, and we will need to talk to you about your site before we decide which method we will use (Hiab crane, side loader, or tilt tray) to arrange delivery. But in general, delivery is surprisingly straightforward.

Hiring a Storage Nola Containers is Easy with Nola Containers

Here at Nola Containers we offer fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. We also offer some of the best prices and the best quality shipping containers in America. So if you’re looking for the ideal storage solution, give us a call on 1888 307 2420 or fill out our quote form and we’ll fix up everything for you quickly and easily. We think you’ll be very happy with the convenience (and the price) that shipping container storage offers. Give it a go and see!

MAX PAYLOAD62,170 lbs59,127 lbs
TARE WEIGHT4,894 lbs8,068 lbs
CAPACITY1,172 ft³2,391 ft³
WIDTH7’ 8”7’ 8”
HEIGHT7’ 6”7’ 6”