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  • Refrigerated shipping containers are used for transporting items like meat, seafood, dairy, fruit, vegetables, frozen goods and chilled goods where a controlled temperature is required. When shipping perishable goods, it is imperative that they are able to be transported efficiently and arrive in the same state (and at the same temperature) as when they left your premises. If you’re shipping goods that need to be kept either frozen or chilled, a high quality operational refrigerated shipping container is essential.

    Nola Containers  offer a range of both new and used refrigerated shipping containers available in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. 3 phase power with a 415 volt power supply is standard, but single phase power is also available if required. The containers have a temperature range of between -25 degrees Celsius and + 25 degrees Celsius, so your goods can be kept at the optimum temperature. Your container is pre-tripped for 24-48 hours to the temperature you specify, so that it is ready to be used the moment it reaches you.

    We also offer a wide range of insulated containers if mechanical refrigeration is not required.

    Do you need a CSC Certificate?

    A CSC certificate is required when transporting refrigerated goods internationally. This can also be arranged by Nola Containers if necessary.

    Refrigerated Nola Containers for Transporting Goods

    Refrigerated shipping containers are the ideal way to transport goods that need to be kept cold, but some important considerations need to be taken into account when loading them to get the best results. Goods need to pre-chilled or frozen when they’re loaded, and packed carefully to ensure ventilation and avoid circulation bypass and slippage. Different goods have different requirements (frozen boxed goods will be packed tightly, for instance, where as fruit and vegetables in open crates need room to breathe) and different methods of packing and loading will be required. Using a high quality refrigerated shipping container and ensuring your container is packed properly will help keep your goods at the same quality as when they were shipped.

    Maintaining the Power Supply When Shipping

    An operational shipping container has an integral refrigeration unit that is plugged in to a power supply to maintain the controlled temperature. At the dock, the container will be plugged into the dock power supply. On the ship, power is provided either by the ship’s power supply or, if the capacity is limited, an ISO approved ‘power pack’ run by a diesel generator. When being shipped by rail, power is generally provided by a generator set (genset).

    Refrigerated Nola Containers for Storage

    Refrigerated shipping containers are a popular choice for storage as well. No need to build a new cool-room – just ship in a refrigerated shipping container. Worksites, mine sites, construction sites, film sets, festivals, small manufacturers, and businesses with seasonal storage fluctuations (turkeys at Thanksgiving for instance, or hams at Christmas) can all benefit from the convenience and utility that a portable refrigerated shipping container can bring.

    Buy Your Refrigerated Nola Containers from the Experts

    When shipping perishables, you don’t want to take any risks. At Nola Containers our refrigerated containers are all of the highest quality and include top brands like Thermo King, Mitsubishi, Carrier and more. We deliver promptly and efficiently anywhere in America. So if you want the best refrigerated shipping containers for your perishable goods, give us a call on 1888 307 2420 and let us fix everything up for you. Or fill out the quote form, and we can immediately send a price guide out to you.

    20 Foot Refrigerated Nola Containers

    Like all ISO shipping containers, refrigerated shipping containers are designed to be easily transported by ship or rail, and can be stacked for easy transport and storage. Incredibly tough and stable, they feature heavy duty Corten steel on the outside and stainless steel walls and floor on the inside.  The thermostat can be set from minus 25 degree to 25 degrees and will ensure your goods are maintained at a controlled temperature for the duration of your storage or transportation needs.

    Here at Nola Containers we know how important it is to keep refrigerated goods refrigerated! That’s why we make sure our refrigerated containers are maintained to the highest standards. Our containers come from leading brands like Mitsubishi, Carrier and Thermo King, and are carefully checked and pre-tripped for 24-48 hours before arriving at your premises.

    The 20 foot refrigerated shipping containers have standard 3 phase power, but single phase power can be arranged if required.

    Use a Refrigerated Container for Shipping Frozen or Chilled Goods

    The art of shipping chilled or frozen goods is a delicate one. Too warm, and the goods will spoil. Too cold, and goods which shouldn’t freeze, do. Maintaining a controlled temperature is an obvious necessity, but correct packing of the container is crucial as well. Circulation and ventilation need to be taken into consideration, and though slippage or movement of goods can be problematic in any container, it is even more of an issue in a refrigerated container, as the air circulation can be affected. Making sure your container is correctly and professionally loaded will solve a lot of problems later on.

    Extra Cool Room or Freezer Storage

    The mining and construction industries have long recognized the convenience and utility that a refrigerated shipping container brings, but our 20 foot refrigerated shipping containers are very popular with small businesses as well. If you’ve ever wished for a bigger cool-room, a refrigerated shipping container could be a cost-effective and easy alternative to having one constructed. Their portable nature makes them a perfect choice for music festivals, fairs and trade shows as well.

    Delivery to Your Site or Business Quickly and Efficiently

    If you need a refrigerated shipping container in a hurry, give us a call. We deliver right across America, and we can arrange to have your refrigerated container out to you as quickly as possible – often the next day.

    40 Foot Refrigerated Nola Containers

    When exporting or transporting perishable goods, ensuring that you have good quality refrigerated transport is a crucial element. At Nola Containers we have a range of new and used refrigerated shipping containers for all your transport and storage needs, including 40 foot refrigerated containers.

    Like the 20 foot refrigerated shipping containers, 40 foot refrigerated containers are made with heavy duty Corten steel and are built for the rigors of being transported by ship or rail. Stainless steel walls and floors on the inside ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, and 270 degree double doors give easy access. A thermostat regulates the temperature to your chosen setting of anywhere between -25 degrees and +25 degrees, meaning frozen goods will remain frozen, and chilled goods will remain chilled.

    Our 40 foot refrigerated shipping containers have 3 phase power as a standard, but single phase power is also available. Every container is inspected and pre-tripped for 24-48 hours before delivery, to ensure immediate operation when it arrives at your site or premises. And as mentioned, brands available include leading names like Mitsubishi, Thermo King and Carrier, so you can be sure of the quality.

    Ship Large Quantities of Chilled or Frozen Goods

    At first glance it doesn’t seem possible or practical to ship a 40 foot container that needs a power source, but the shipping industry has this down to a fine art. If electricity is available, the container will be plugged in. If not (on a train or truck for instance, or if a ship’s power capacity will not support it) a generator is used. In other cases, to mitigate risk in case of power failure or unexpected delay, backup methods like cooling packs, dry ice and cryogenic freezing are used as well.

    Large Storage Capacity

    Refrigerated shipping containers may have begun their existence as an easy and efficient way to transport goods, but they have now also found a new and popular purpose as refrigerated storage for big business and small business alike. A refrigerated shipping container is of particular benefit for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations in their storage needs. The container can be switched on for the busy times, and shut down when the peak season finishes – a considerable saving in energy costs as well.

    Delivered Anywhere in America

    We can deliver your refrigerated shipping container anywhere in America, fast and efficiently, so your container can be with you in just a matter of days from when you place your order.

    Refrigerated Nola Containers Dimensions


    MAX PAYLOAD 60605 lbs 59,127 lbs
    TARE WEIGHT 6217 lbs 8,068 lbs
    CAPACITY 1003 ft³ 2,391 ft³
    INTERNAL LENGTH 17’ 11” 39’ 6”
    INTERNAL WIDTH 7’ 6” 7’ 8”
    INTERNAL HEIGHT 7’ 5” 7’ 10”
    EXTERNAL HEIGHT 8’ 6” 8’ 6”
    WIDTH 7’ 6” 7’ 8”
    HEIGHT 6’ 9” 7’ 6”

    *Dimensions & weight may differ nominally depending on manufacturer.

    Quality is Guaranteed with Nola Containers

    If you’re dealing with perishable foodstuff, high quality refrigerated transport or storage of chilled and frozen goods is critical. So buying or hiring from a reputable company is critical too. Remember, at Nola Containers , our refrigerated containers are inspected and pre-tripped before delivery. Don’t risk your precious cargo or stock. Give us a call on 1888 307 2420 or fill out our easy to use quote form and we’ll organize your 40 foot refrigerated container for you today.