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20ft containers for sale

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20ft containers for sale

This fully structurally sound, used container is leakproof and comes with no holes. However, it will boast visible signs of wear and tear due to its service to the shipping lines for 12+ years. While no longer considered suitable for ocean freight by the cargo industry, a Wind and Watertight unit is nonetheless great for on-land storage. Every unit comes with our 1-year warranty against structural defects.
You are likely to see significant amounts of surface rust, dents, scratches, as well as a sometimes large shipping line decal.

Unless a paint modification option is added at checkout, the color of the container cannot be selected. Contact us to color match multiple-unit orders.
If the appearance of the container is not of the essence, the Wind a Watertight grade is a superbly durable and economical choice for instant storage. For 20-foot-long units with more visual appeal, see our Cargo Worthy, Cargo Worthy Premium, and New “One Trip” options.
Not recommended for use in extensive custom modifications.
Dimensions: Width 8ft / Length 20’ / Height 8’6”
Materials: 14-gauge COR-TEN® steel, marine-grade 1 1/8” heavy-duty plywood floors, a single set of cargo swing doors on one end with airtight rubber seals
Payload Capacity: 62,016 lbs
Prices may vary slightly. Please contact us for a more precise quote.

This is as new of a storage container as you can buy here in the United States. It was built new in China then shipped here to the US with a load of goods in it.  Once in the US it was unloaded and then taken into our inventory to be sold.
This container is 9.5′ tall
2 Vents
Coated Floors


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Buying or renting a shipping container is not something most people have to do every day; so it’s only natural to ask a bunch of questions on how it all works. From working out which container is best for your needs, to getting it delivered and sited, can all sound a little overwhelming at first. After all, this is a giant steel box we’re talking about here, not a book from Amazon! But fear not, our experienced customer service representatives are on hand to help, and will cheerfully answer all your questions. Because buying or renting a shipping container is blissfully easy when you have Nola Containers looking after everything for you.