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High cube shipping containers are similar to standard general shipping or storage containers. However, an extra foot in height gives them more volume, shipping capacity and space. Like the general container, they are made from top quality marine grade Corten steel, have timber floors, double doors and several anchor points inside.

At Nola Containers  we have high cube shipping containers available in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, available for sale and rental.

Extra Room for Shipping Goods

There are several benefits in having the extra space that a high cube shipping container brings, especially in transportation. They are easier to load, can be stacked higher, are better for bulky or taller goods, and can fit more items. However it is worth noting that the loading weight capacity is the same as a standard container. This is not a concern if you are loading lightweight goods which won’t take you over the limit, but must be considered if you are shipping heavy goods.

Extra Room for Storing Goods

If you’re storing goods where weight is not a consideration, then a high cube shipping container gives you that extra space that will come in mighty handy. The extra foot can make all the difference if you’re storing tall or awkward items. You can also make the most of the space by stacking items as well. Furniture, office machinery, household goods, garden equipment, craft supplies…even the entire contents of your house while you head off around the country in your RV can be stored in a high cube shipping container.

Popular for Nola Containers Conversions

The extra head-space in high cube shipping containers makes them an ideal choice for converting into shipping container homes or offices or sheds as well. Take a look at some of the incredible homes that have been built out of shipping containers and you’ll find many of them are made out of high cubes. As a result, high cube containers are always a popular choice and our high cube containers (especially used ones) sell out very quickly.

High cube containers are also popular in other ways. The convenient, portable and durable nature of a shipping container (not to mention its unique ‘wow’ factor) makes it a top choice for travelling road shows, trade shows, festivals, fairs, expos, art galleries and more. Pop up stores, hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars and food trucks are often made out of high cube shipping containers as well.

Delivered Right to Your Door

Delivery of your high cube container is easy. We can deliver direct to your warehouse or property quickly and easy. We will discuss delivery methods when you order, but depending on the size of the container and access to your site, we will use a tilt tray, side loader or Hiab crane. Don’t worry – we have been delivering shipping containers for years, and make sure the job is done right first time, every time.

Buy Your High Cube Nola Containers Here and Save

At Nola Containers our knowledge makes your experience of buying a container, easy. Ready to buy a high cube container? Just give us a call on 1888 307 2420 or fill out the quote form and we’ll look after all the rest.

20 Foot High Cube Nola Containers

A 20 foot high cube shipping container is similar to a 20 foot standard shipping container, with just a small variation – an extra foot in height. However, this variation makes quite a bit of difference and as a result, high cube containers are always very popular.

At Nola Containers , we offer a range of new and used 20 foot high cube shipping containers available for sale.

Like all our high quality shipping containers, the 20 foot high cube shipping containers are built with heavy-duty marine grade Corten steel. Designed for shipping heavy goods, they have timber floors, double end doors and several internal anchor points to help ensure safe transportation of the goods they carry. A security lock-box can also be installed if required.

20 Foot High Cube Containers for Shipping Goods

As we’ve stated, when shipping goods, the extra foot in height means tall or bulky goods can be more easily accommodated. Be aware though that the maximum weight allowed in a 20 foot high cube container is not more than for a 20 foot general shipping container (they’re the same). So the extra space is very useful for lighter goods but may not be of benefit if it puts your container over the weight limit. Also, some warehouses or consignees are not able to accommodate containers with the extra foot – this can be an expensive mistake if not checked in advance.

20 Foot High Cube Containers for Storing Goods

Customers using a 20 foot high cube container for storage also benefit from the extra height that a high cube can bring, again either for storing taller items that won’t fit in a general shipping container, or just being able to fit more stuff in. A well-packed 20 foot high cube container can accommodate a 1- 2 bedroom house easily – and you won’t have trouble fitting those tall wardrobes or other bulky pieces of furniture in either.

20 Foot High Cube Containers for Custom Conversions

The environmentally friendly, cost-effective practice of converting a shipping container into extra living space like a studio or home office is proving very popular right now, and the extra head-space that a high cube container offers is much sought-after by customers. Higher ceilings are always a nice touch in a room, let’s face it! And our 20 foot used and second-hand high cube shipping containers are particularly quick sellers, so if you see one you like, it’s best to put your order in as soon as possible.

We Deliver Anywhere in America

If you’ve decided that a 20 foot high cube container is the right container for you, then give us a call, and we will arrange to get your container delivered to you ASAP. We deliver all over America, and we can often get your container to you the next day. To order your 20 foot high cube container, or for more information, just give us a call on 1888 307 2420. Or fill out the quote form, and we can send a price list out to you.

40 & 45 Foot High Cube Nola Containers

Similar to 20 foot general or standard containers, 40 and 45 foot high cube containers are designed for shipping large quantities of light goods rather than heavy goods. (If you need to ship heavy goods, check out our 20 foot general purpose or 20 foot high cube containers)

At Nola Containers , we have a range of new and used 40 and 45 foot high cube shipping containers available for sale to both business, government and the general public.

Our 40 foot high cube shipping containers are constructed from strong and sturdy Corten weathering steel and feature wooden floors, double end doors and multiple internal lashing to make sure that goods can be transported securely.  Like the 20 footers, the 40 and 45 foot containers are available in a range of colors including red, green, beige, blue and grey. Custom painting is also an option if you desire.

So if you’ve got a big export order, a whole house worth of contents to store, or need a few containers for your latest shipping container modification project, a 40 or 45 foot shipping container is more than likely the right container for you.

Store the Contents of a Whole House

Looking at storage options? Alarmed at the price of self-storage units? (Aren’t we all!) Packing up a whole house can certainly be expensive if you use traditional storage methods. But if you have the room to store a 40 or 45  foot high cube shipping container on your property, you’ll be impressed by how cost-effective your storage needs can be. The 2,698 cubic feet of storage space in a 40 foot shipping container means you can comfortably accommodate the contents of a 4-5 bedroom house. Now you can go enjoy a year in Tuscany (dreams are free and all that!), or else head off into the back country with your Winnebago, knowing your goods are all safe and sound and cheaply stored at home.

Create a Great Nola Containers Home

40 foot high cube containers are also popular for converting into shipping container homes. The extra foot in height gives a little more space and air, and of course the extra 20 foot gives a much more expansive living space as well. Shipping container homes are incredibly popular right now, and if you’ve been considering an alternative and unique design, a 40 or 45 foot high cube container may be just what you need – and it can be very cost-effective too. There are quite a few things to consider when planning a shipping container home however, so consultation with an architect or shipping container conversion specialist is recommended.

Ship a Large Quantity of Goods

A 40 and 45 foot high cube container is a great choice when shipping large amounts of awkwardly sized goods. However it’s worth pointing out again that the maximum weight allowed in a high cube container is not more than for a general container, so the extra space in a high cube container is only of benefit if it doesn’t put you over the weight limit. It is also important to ensure that the warehouse or depot that the shipping container is being shipped to can fit a high cube container. Many can, but you don’t want to find out that the depot your packed and loaded container is heading to, can’t. And remember, all containers being shipped internationally require a CSC plate as well. So talk to us about that if shipping items overseas.


MAX PAYLOAD 61,883 lbs 58,598 lbs
TARE WEIGHT 5,313 lbs 8,575 lbs
CAPACITY 1,321 ft³ 2,698 ft³
INTERNAL LENGTH 19’ 4” 39’ 6”
INTERNAL WIDTH 7’ 8” 7’ 8”
INTERNAL HEIGHT 8’ 10” 8’ 10”
WIDTH 7’ 8” 7’ 8”
HEIGHT 8’ 6” 8’ 6”
We Make Buying Your 40 & 45 Foot High Cube Container Easy

At Nola Containers  we’ve been in the shipping container business for a long time, and we work hard to make sure your experience purchasing a shipping container is a good one. Plus we deliver anywhere in America, efficiently and easily. To order your 40 foot high cube shipping container, or if you have any questions, just give us a call on 1888 307 2420. Alternatively you can fill out our easy to use quote form, and we can send you a price guide straight away.