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Flat rack containers are heavy duty shipping containers with collapsible walls. They are designed for heavy or over-sized goods that won’t fit into an ordinary shipping container so they can still be transported from truck to ship or rail easily and quickly.

At Nola Containers  we have 20 foot and 40 foot flat rack containers available for sale at exceptional prices, ready to be delivered to your business or warehouse. They have an extremely high loading rate, and are available with a steel floor or timber floor.

New and Used Flat Rack Containers Available

Our range includes discounted used flat rack containers and high quality new, one-trip containers. New flat rack units are certified for shipment for 5 years from the date of manufacture. And the discounted price of our used flat rack containers mean they always sell out quickly.

Ready to Ship Your Oversized or Awkward Goods

Tall, heavy, cumbersome, awkward or wide goods like heavy machinery, cables, steel coils, construction materials, long lengths of timber, and industrial parts are all regularly transported via flat rack containers. Boats (especially yachts) are also often secured and shipped on a flat-rack container.

You Can Even Build a Flat Rack Nola Containers Bridge

A flat rack shipping container is probably the one container that isn’t regularly used for storage. However, they have been used in other innovative and useful ways as well. For instance, flat rack containers are often used as an alternative to constructing a bridge on properties and farms, thanks to their heavy loading rates. This is useful if you need a temporary bridge over a dip or waterway, and don’t want the cost of building a permanent bridge. The flat rack is simply delivered to the site and maneuvered into position by crane. And it’s just as easily taken away again when it is no longer required.

Easily Transported and Stackable

Can you still stack a flat rack shipping container? Of course – it’s a shipping container! Though flat rack shipping containers don’t have side walls, some variations have end walls that allow the containers to be stacked (if the load is wide rather than tall). Plus all flat rack containers have standard weight bearing corner fittings so that they can also be stacked flat. This makes transporting and repositioning flat racks very easy as well. If you are looking to bulk buy your flat rack containers they’re available in stacks of seven (though we can arrange any quantities) and can be shipped anywhere in America.

20 Foot Flat Rack Nola Containers

At Nola Containers our 20 foot flat rack containers are suitable to ship or transport your oversized items. Manufactured from heavy duty Corten weathering steel, they are available with either fixed ends or collapsible ends. And a choice of steel or timber flooring is available.

20 Foot Flat Rack Collapsible Containers

Flat rack collapsible containers have a high loading capacity floor, two end walls and no side walls. However the end walls are not fixed, and can be collapsed if required. They are useful for shipping wide cargo and their collapsible ends means they can be transported or stored in a small space.

Delivered to Your Warehouse or Worksite

We deliver anywhere in America, so wherever you’re situated, a flat rack can be shipped out to you as soon as required. Platform flat racks and collapsible flat racks have the added benefit of being able to be stacked into a relatively small space – great if you need to ship or store more than one container.

40 Foot Flat Rack Containers

A 40 flat rack shipping container is a specialized high loading capacity container which is used for transporting oversized goods like machinery, industrial parts, steel coils, drums, vehicles and boats. Flat rack containers have no roof and collapsible end walls.

While this might not meet the standard definition of ‘container’ flat racks are indeed considered a shipping container, and have an ISO standard to prove it. Though they may have no walls or roof, they are constructed from heavy duty marine standard Corten steel and have standardized sizes and fittings that allow them to be transferred from truck to port to ship or train efficiently. They also have corner fittings which allow them to be stacked, just like a regular container.

And even though a flat rack container may not protect goods from the elements, they do a good job of protecting the goods from the transportation process itself. It’s the shipping container that bears the brunt of the crane and any bumps or scratches – not the item being shipped.

40 Foot Flat Rack Collapsible Containers

Flat rack collapsible containers have collapsible end walls which means they can be stacked and stored efficiently in a small space when not in use.

We Can Help Arrange the Best Container for Your Items

If you’re shipping a large or awkward item, choosing the right container for the job is essential. At Nola Containers our staff have years of experience in making sure the container you purchase is right one for the job. So if you’ve got a large item that needs shipping, or you’re simply not sure of the best container for you, let us help. We’ll be able to sort everything out for you.

Flat Rack Container Dimensions


MAX PAYLOAD 68916 lbs 99208 lbs
TARE WEIGHT 6040 lbs 11023 lbs
CAPACITY 1035 ft³ 2002 ft³
INTERNAL LENGTH 18’ 5” 38’ 4”
INTERNAL WIDTH 7’ 3” 7’ 10”
INTERNAL HEIGHT 7’ 10” 7’ 10”

*Dimensions & weight may differ nominally depending on manufacturer.

At Nola Containers our high quality shipping containers are all completely guaranteed, and we deliver anywhere in America. Once you add in our unbeatable service and competitive pricing, we are a natural choice to look after all your shipping container needs. Get a great price on your flat rack shipping containers now by giving us a call on 1888 307 2420. Or you can fill in our easy to use quote form and we will send you our complete price guide.