• High Cube Nola Containers

Shipping containers come in many formats, including high cube, side opening, open tops and flat racks. However the original and most popular remains the general purpose standard container – an incredibly strong and durable container made out of marine grade Corten steel (a special weathering steel which actually offers more protection as it weathers) and has wooden floors, double swing doors, and internal anchor points.

At Port USA our containers come in two sizes: 20 foot and 40 foot, and are available in a range of colors and formats including high cubeside openingopen tops and flat racks.

Standard Containers for Shipping Goods

Standard containers are ideal for shipping goods including furniture, packaged goods, dry goods, wholesale goods, building materials, food, beverages, and much, much more. Incredibly strong and durable, wind-proof and waterproof, a standard shipping container will keep your goods well-protected.

Standard Containers for Storage

Designed to transport goods around the world, shipping containers are built to withstand all sorts of weather and all sorts of rough conditions, while still keeping the goods being shipped, safe and secure. As a result, they’re also ideal for storage. So if you’re having trouble accommodating all your stuff, than a standard 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container is an easy and surprisingly cost-effective solution to your storage needs.

Repurpose Your Container into an Off-Grid Cabin or Home

There are hundreds of shipping containers circulating around the globe, and when they’ve finished their sea life, they are perfect for repurposing into something new. Cheap, sturdy, and easily modified, a standard shipping container is a low cost and environmentally friendly option when considering an off-grid cabin or container home, or the like.

Delivery Right Across America

We can deliver your standard shipping container anywhere in America, usually within a couple of days of your order. There are a few important aspects that need to be taken into account for delivery including the size of the container, and the site we will be delivering your container to. But we’ll sort all that with when you place your order.

20 Foot Standard Nola Containers

The 20 foot standard shipping container is one our most popular products. Commonly used for transporting heavy goods across the world by sea in rough conditions, a general purpose shipping container is tough, watertight, and incredibly durable. If you’re shipping heavy goods, need storage, or are planning a shipping container special modification project, a standard 20 foot container is most likely one of the first containers you will need to consider.

At Nola Containers , we have a range of new and used 20 foot standard containers available to rent or buy.

Strong and Durable, Checked and Serviced

Made from heavy duty marine grade Corten steel, our 20 foot containers are the backbone of the shipping container industry. They feature double end doors with a 270 degrees opening, wooden floors and several internal anchor points used for securing goods in transport (very handy!). All our containers are checked and serviced before being offered for sale, so you can be sure they will be fit for whatever you need them for.

Popular Storage Size

If you’re planning to pack up your house and take off around the country in an RV or head off overseas for an extended vacation, a 20 foot shipping container is the perfect choice to securely store all your belongings. A 20 foot unit will store the contents of a 1-2 bedroom house with ease. New or one trip containers are recommended for storing expensive items, whereas a used container is perfect for sporting equipment, gardening equipment, tools and recreational vehicles, etc.

Perfect for Shipping Goods

Of course a 20 foot shipping container is perfect for shipping and transporting goods as well – that’s what they’re designed for after all. Whether you’re shipping overseas by boat or around the country by rail or truck, we have a 20 foot shipping container to suit. We can also help you with the necessary CSC certification that is required when shipping internationally.

Ideal for Container Conversion

The 20 foot shipping container is also a very popular choice for container conversion as well. All around the world, shipping containers are being converted into art galleries, design studios, shopping malls, accommodation, pop-up bars, container cafés, restaurants and container homes. There are some really exciting (and cost-effective) ways to repurpose a shipping container, and many of them start with a humble, used 20 footer!

Order Your 20 Foot Nola Containers Now

Our new and used shipping containers are available in a range of colors, and we can deliver directly to your site or property, anywhere in America. Decided that a 20 foot standard shipping container from Nola Containers is perfect for you? Then you’ve made a great choice! To order, simply give us a call on 1888 307 2420 or fill out the easy to use quote form, and we’ll arrange everything for you.

40 Foot Standard Nola Containers

Where 20 foot containers are most commonly used for transporting heavy goods, 40 foot containers are designed to carry voluminous goods (which is why their payload is ironically actually less than a 20 foot container). Stackable, transportable, strong and sturdy, designed for the rigors of long ocean voyages and the constant unloading and loading onto truck or train or ship, the standard 40 foot shipping container is one of the most well-known and most commonly used shipping containers in the world.

At Nola Containers we have a wide range of 40 foot shipping containers ready for your shipment of goods, storage of belongings, or your creative shipping container conversion.

Size and Strength

A standard 40 foot shipping container is made from high strength, marine grade Corten steel (of course), and features double swing doors with a 270 degree opening, timber flooring and internal container lashings to secure goods while being transported. The capacity, strength, durability, transportability and security of a 40 foot shipping container makes it a popular choice in many industries, including mining and construction, where containers can be shipped in our out as required. Military and government departments also use these containers regularly for storage or for transporting goods around the country.

Use to Ship Goods Interstate or Internationally

A 40 foot standard container is ideal for exporting or transporting large quantities of goods like clothes, toys, shoes, furniture, white-goods and other dry goods. At Nola Containers we have a wide range of new and used containers available to suit every requirement, and we can help you choose the right container for your needs. We can also supply a CSC Certificate if required.

Plenty of Storage Room

A 40 foot standard shipping container provides plenty of room for storage, and is ideal if you have a large property. It’s perfect for storing out of season goods like ski gear, radiators, camping and sports equipment as well as larger items like boats or cars. It’s also a great long-term storage option if you are planning to be away from your property for a long time. You may be travelling around this great country of ours, or taking an overseas posting in Europe or Asia. Either way, packing your goods into a shipping container and storing them while you’re gone is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional pay-by-the-month self storage. A 40 foot shipping container will manage the contents of a 3-4 bedroom house quite easily. You shipping container can be padlocked, and we can also supply a security lock box for extra security.

Great for Nola Containers Homes

Some really stunning off-grid homes have been built out of shipping containers, and the extra space that a 40 foot container brings makes it an ideal choice. You could use just one 40 foot container to create an in-fashion ‘tiny home’, or stack and extend a dozen or more to create a shipping container mansion. The ‘cargotecture’ movement (yes, that’s actually a thing!) is becoming more popular by the day, and if you’re thinking of joining it, we have a shipping container or three available that will help you do it!

Delivered America-Wide

We offer delivery to ever state in the US of A, and depending on where you live, we can deliver to your site just a day or two after you order. We have a range of transport options available depending on what method is best in regards to your site access, which we will naturally discuss with you when you’re placing your order.

Standard Container Dimensions


MAX PAYLOAD62,170 lbs59,127 lbs
TARE WEIGHT4,894 lbs8,068 lbs
CAPACITY1,172 ft³2,391 ft³
WIDTH7’ 8”7’ 8”
HEIGHT7’ 6”7’ 6”

*Dimensions & weight may differ nominally depending on manufacturer.



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